Welcome to LogRabbit

Android logcat viewer for Mac

LogRabbit is the essential logcat viewer for Android developers.
Save time and ease the pain of working with Android device logs.

View Android device logs in real time.

LogRabbit monitors Android device logs in real time quickly and efficiently. Smooth scrolling and auto scroll lock help take the hassle out of dealing with fast moving logs.

Create saved filters using the powerful filter editor.

Filter logs by app name, log level, tag, keyword, time, process id and thread id. Combine filters for precise log viewing. Easily filter out unwanted logs using 'is not' conditions.

Save logs for offline analysis.

Save and open saved logs. Use your own filters to analyze saved logs.

Pretty print JSON log messages.

Simply double click on a log message to open the Message Viewer. From there it is easy to inspect large log messages. Click on the Format JSON button to pretty print JSON messages.

Usage Examples

The filters presented in the video can be downloaded and imported directly into LogRabbit.

Filter out all log messages that are not an Exception:
Download Exceptions Filter

Filter out all log messages that are not JSON (like):
Download Json Filter

Display log messages from main thread:
    Download Filter
Display log messages not from main thread:
    Download Filter

LogRabbit can import raw adb logs. They must be in "threadtime format.
    adb logcat -v threadtime |tee /tmp/android.log
The following video demontrates how it works.